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The Natural Beauty

Limestone outcrops, Coral atolls and a beauty made for dreams

You can brag about the beauty of Australia from Sunrise to Sunset and into to the Starry Night.  The Houtman Abrolhos Islands are no exception when referring to the exceptional and sometimes otherworldly beauty that is Australia.


Not only are the Abrolhos Islands a much-needed home to fascinating wildlife, above and below the surface of the water, but they are also a gem of colours and enchanting beauty. 


The Abrolhos Islands are connected by coral atolls that frame each islands’ unique shape.

These create a colourful patchwork of blues and greens, nestled in a vast deep blue ocean.

Abrolhos MED

The coral atolls make for amazing aerial photos, as well as vibrant snorkelling.  


Because the islands are connected by these coral atolls, the water is calmer than the ocean beyond the coral borders. 


This is shown in the crashing of the ocean against the coral borders, nicknamed the “Super Tubes”.

The short video below gives a glimpse of these relentless waves that boarder the Northern Group of the Abrolhos Islands.

Abrolhos Tour from



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