Does everyone get a 

Window Seat?

Do you offer

Charter Flights?

Do you have a pick up and drop off


Facts and Questions

Can I pay for my tour 

When I get to the Airport?

Is there a toilet 

On the Aircraft?

Why do you need my weight

For the Flight?

Can I bring  

My own snorkel gear?

What kind of  

Aircraft do you use?

Are there minimum numbers 

For the flights?

Will I get a  

Good view?

Can I choose  

My seat?

Do you cater to 

Dietary needs?

What do I need to be aware of  

Before I Fly?

What do I Do  

If I See something I'm unsure of?

Does Nationwest Aviation  

Track its Aircraft?

Can I Take Photos

On my Scenic Flight?

Do you Fly  

All Year Round?

What are the 

Child Ages?

How hard are  

The Walks?

Why should I fly with 

Nationwest Aviation?

Is having Doors off  

An Option?

Do you have a weight limit  

for passengers?