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Packing a Bag

Transit flights between Perth and Kalbarri

Nationwest Aviation offers Adhoc Transit flights between Perth (Jandakot) and Kalbarri.

Need to get between Perth and Kalbarri, but don't want to spend 7 hours on a bus or self drive.  Check in on this page for availability of when we are going to and fro Perth to Kalbarri.   

Want to go between an a particular day that isn't listed? Talk to us about our Private charters


Is from the 1st of April until the 31st of March each year. 

T&Cs apply


Please note: due to some aircraft having a maximum seat weight of 120kgs, tickets available through online booking are capped at a total passenger weight of 120kgs.  If someone in your party is over 119kgs, please call our booking line to discuss booking options.  

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