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Fly and Float Abrolhos Islands

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Tour Overview 

The Fly & Float Abrolhos Islands Tour offers a close-up experience.

Our flight leaves Kalbarri airport and heads along the coastal cliffs before heading off over the ocean to the Abrolhos Islands.

We land on East Wallabi Island, where we meet our boat skipper for a 3 hour boat tour of the Islands that make up the East Wallabi Group. 

Boat options include;

Glass bottom boat - See the stunning coral of the Abrolhos Islands without immersing yours in water. Watch the underwater wildlife swim underneath the boat as you cruise the Abrolhos Islands.



Cray fishing boat - Catch lunch on a cray fishing boat, nothing says fresh like pulling up a cray pot from the ocean floor.  

The Islands have been made famous by the wreck of the Batavia in 1629 and the subsequent mutiny (see full story and video on our website) we visit the islands, including the Batavia wreck site, Beacon Island, Long Island and West Wallabi Island where the remains of a makeshift fort can still be seen that was used by shipwreck survivors to fend off the mutineers!

We then return to our aircraft for a scenic flight over the islands before heading back to the mainland and Kalbarri Airport.


Is from the 1st of April until the 31st of March each year. 

T&Cs apply

Please note: due to some aircraft having a maximum seat weight of 120kgs, tickets available through online booking are capped at a total passenger weight of 120kgs.  If someone in your party is over 119kgs, please call our booking line to discuss booking options.  



  • Scenic flight from Kalbarri

  • Views of the costal cliffs

  • Views of Kalbarri

  • Views of the Abrolhos

  • Boat tour

  • Pilot commentary

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Perth: 08 9390 0999  

Kalbarri: 08 9937 1130

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