Goldrush Kalgoorlie 

Day Tour 

Tour Overview 

As we take off we can see the Perth CBD to the North as we head East out over a forest area that stretches as far as the eye can see. After around 20 min the ocean of green forest gives way to farmland. Here the farms are mainly used for wheat crops and sheep pasturing.  During winter, it is a patchwork of green with the occasional river and salt lake. However, in summer we see iconic burnt, parched, Golden Outback that Western Australia is famous for.  

As we leave the wheatbelt, we head over lightly wooded country, this is the start of the Gold bearing country.  Known as the Golden Mile, this area was once considered the richest square mile on Earth. We overfly towns similar to  Kalgoorlie in their rich gold mining history, before we reach Kalgoorlie.

Once in Kalgoorlie, we have the option of either going on a Gold mine tour or a tour of the historical points in town.  

Tour Options will be subject to the availability of the Kalgoorlie Gold mine.  

After our tour, we have lunch in Town before flying back to Perth.  


For Minimum 2:

Adults: $2,000.00

Children: Not available on this tour

For Minimum 4:

Adults: $1,100.00

Children: Not available on this tour

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