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Famous Faces

Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake - The backdrop of the stars

The fashion

Gary Pepper Girl and Lancome are two fashion brands connected by the Hutt Lagoon Pink lake.  While on a tour of Western Australia hosted by Tourism Western Australia, Gary Pepper Girl took some amazing photos of the Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake for her campaign with Lancome Lip Lover, "Life is Beautiful".

Gary Pepper Blog Page

Two years after this fashion colab, was the 2016 Jennifer Hawkins X Myer Summer collection.  The Lake was also featured in a Kia Advert in 2017 and was visited by Famous Chinese TV host Meng Fei in 2019.  

The Music

Ever wondered where some of your favourite MVs were shot? Well for Fans of EXO's Lay, look no further because the MV for his solo song "Namanana" was shot right here in Western Australia. This includes the Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake, Pinnicles and a few more.  Watch the video to the left to see what amazing Western Australian locations you can see.  

Pink Lake Tour from


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