Locations of interest in Western Australia

Abrolhos Islands and the Batavia Shipwreck

The Abrolhos Islands are a jewel off the coast of Mid Western Australia.

Discover the Natural Beauty, the abundant wildlife, thriving industry and dark history of this precious gem of the West. 

Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake

Famous across the globe and featured on busses and trains in various countries.  Discover what makes the Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake so famous, the industry connected and the confusion of its existence in history. 

Kalbarri and Kalbarri National Park

Beginning with an early start we fly up the coast to Denham over flying Useless loop and the peninsula’s dark blue waters merging with the light shallow Shark Bay water.  After landing at 

Wave Rock

Fly to Wave rock 

Explore the Natural wonder in the Golden Outback 

Afternoon tea 

Fly back to Perth 


Fly inland from Perth to the famous mining town of Kalgoorlie.   

Have a guided tour of the town or Super Pit  

Lunch in town (at own cost) 

Fly back to Perth 

Wooleen Station

We fly from Perth up the coast to Kalbarri.  Here we spend time admiring some of Natures wonders at the Kalbarri National Park.  In Kalbarri customers are invited to have lunch before setting off for Wooleen Station. 


Monkey Mia

See the diverse coral coast as we make our way from Perth to the Abrolhos Islands. Get a true sense of adventure on the uninhabited East Wallaby island with the area’s dark history set among beautiful scenery.