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Monkey Mia Dolphin Spectacular

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Tour Overview 

See more of WA and get more memories for your time!

Witnessing the Monkey Mia dolphins at first hand is a never-to-be-forgotten emotional experience – one of those occasions that you and your family will always fondly remember. One way to reach this world famous destination is to drive the 401 kilometres from Kalbarri (it takes a good four and a half hours), stay overnight and then head back on the same road the next day. That’s two days out of your schedule, a lot of driving and considerable cost.


The best way of all is to fly! We get you to Monkey Mia in an hour, and you arrived refreshed and ready to chat to the dolphins and enjoy several hours with these beautiful creatures on the beach. The trip is exceptional value, saves time as well as money – and the all-round experience offers far more impact and value.

After an early morning take off, we fly northwards, low and parallel to the coast past the impressive and dramatic Zuytdorp cliffs where the Dutch merchant ship came to grief in 1712. At low tide, and in certain favourably calm conditions, you can even see the remaining ribs of the doomed ship through the clear water. And then on past Womerangee Hill (at 900 feet, the highest point on this part of the coast).

As we fly below cliff level, the views are close and spectacular, allowing you to take in every possible detail. After overflying the Peninsula, you can appreciate the dark blue ocean merging to the light shallow waters of Shark Bay before we land at Denham Airport. A short taxi ride takes us to the friendly, playful Monkey Mia dolphins, and we have two and a half hours to enjoy the white sand, shallow waters and the experience of seeing these beautiful creatures happily frolicking and being fed.

At 9:45am we board our Yacht Tour that takes us on a wildlife journey of the Monkey Mia Bay.  Watch the wildlife from the dry deck, the underwater observation windows or take a wet ride in the Boomnet (please bring your swimsuit for this part). There are food and beverage options on board at cost.


Is from the 1st of April until the 31st of March each year. 

T&Cs apply

Please note: due to some aircraft having a maximum seat weight of 120kgs, tickets available through online booking are capped at a total passenger weight of 120kgs.  If someone in your party is over 119kgs, please call our booking line to discuss booking options.  

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Once we're back from our Yacht Tour, we head back to the airport.


On our flight back we're returning via Bluff Point, and we'll have you back in Kalbarri by mid afternoon.  

Many of our visitors remark that there is so much to do in and around Kalbarri that it’s a pity to waste two days on the road going to Monkey Mia and back. Our flight is the perfect alternative to that long, hard drive with unvaried scenery – and is consequently one of our most popular and heavily booked adventures.

*Monkey Mia dolphins are wild and in their natural environment, therefore sighting can't be guaranteed



  • Scenic flight from Kalbarri to Monkey Mia  return

  • Entry into Monkey Mia reserve

  • Dolphin feeding show*

  • Pilot commentary

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