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The Houtman Abrolhos Islands, the flavour of summer 2021!

Summer in Western Australia is certainly ruled by beaches, so it’s not surprising that the hot flight this summer has been the Abrolhos Islands. For those who don’t know the Abrolhos Islands, they are a group of Islands just off the cost of Western Australia in its Coral Coast region.

What many people don’t know is that the island that can be flown to for day trips (East Walabbi Island) is actually closest to Kalbarri airport, not Geraldton as popularly advertised. Another interesting fact is that the Abrolhos Islands very recently became a National Park.

The Abrolhos islands are different from places like Rottnest, in that you don’t have a lot of infrastructure on the islands. There are no: Restaurants, hotels or shops. Just beautiful beaches, minimal people, amazing snorkelling, and more tolerable weather temperatures.

The temperature at the islands tends to stay a lot more stable than on the mainland, ranging from the low to late 20s. So, when we have a 40°C day on the mainland, the Abrolhos is normally around 29°C. Perfect for swimming and staying comfortable.

Nationwest Aviation, under the name Kalbarri Scenic Flights, has been going out to the Abrolhos islands for many years and runs the premium tour to the islands. However, the tour is in the process of getting some upgrades. These upgrades include:

· our new partnership with Don Massimo Coffee, bring delicious specialist coffee to our morning tea.

· New activities – like Beach Football (soccer), Frisbee and coming soon Beach Cricket. (our beach cricket sets are on back order)

· Special themed extended day trips.

With the summer months being nice and hot, we’re always looking for ways to make our scenic experiences more enjoyable, rather than just rely on the perfection that is the Abrolhos Islands. If you’ve got any feedback from your time out at the Abrolhos, please let us know on This way the Abrolhos can not only be the flavour of Summer, but also an amazing year-round experience.

Safe travelsNationwest Aviation

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