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The beginning of Autumn MARCH!?

For those reading in the Northern Hemisphere, there may be some confusion in this title. Don’t worry, your summer is coming – However, ours has finished. But given the size of our amazing state, Western Australia, the end of summer doesn’t mean we all need to go into hibernation.

While the south our state will become cooler and more suitable for those looking for a cosy winter holiday, the tropical north will cool down to a more manageable heat. Perfect for those chasing a never-ending summer.

The Coral Coast, Golden Outback and Northwest are gearing up for their busier season. Some experiences that were closed during the hotter months will be flexing their well-rested hosting muscles to welcome back visitors.

While some of these areas are not where we have bases, they are certainly options for extended tours, and they are places that we would love to recommend. Because that’s why we exist. We want to show people Western Australia, and if it’s not on your list, it should be. Listed below are our top 10 places to visit in our reopening/in season areas:

(in no particular order)

1. Karijini

Home of stunning gorges, cool pools of water, waterfalls, interesting walks and clear night skies doused in stars.

2. Coral Bay

Pub? Check! Killer Bakery? Check! Long walks on the beach? Yes, please! A whole week of hanging out in bathers, swimming and snorkelling? When do we leave?

3. Lake Argyle / Ord River

Watch out for crocks, but don't stop enjoying what's on offer near Kununurra. With Lake Argyle and the Ord River, there is plenty to see and do on your adventure.

4. Onslow

Where sunrise and sunset happen on the same beach, and a stairway to the sun looks out of this world

5. Exmouth

Find out why it’s listed in the top ten towns for Wotif in 2021

6. 80-mile beach

A beach that goes on for miles, a tide that comes in and out an amazing length and a great spot to #unplug.

7. Wooleen Station (reopens April)

A true farm stay experience with, with sunset tours, sustainable farming and land rehabilitation. (with an amazing wildflower season to top it off)

8. Mount Augustus

Climb this impressive landmark that is twice the size of Uluru, camp in the red dust of the outback and find out more about the #worldsbiggestrock

9. Kalgoorlie

Think you know Kalgoorlie? Think again, this quirky town isn't just home to the super pit, but also the largest outdoor art gallery.

10. Montebello Islands

Get a view of the islands linked with nuclear testing and see how these unique islands are home to so many of Australia’s wildlife.

Hopefully, this has given you some travel inspiration for your #endlesssummer. We hope that you love these places as much as us and as always...

Safe travels – Nationwest Aviation

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