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When School's back in...

First of all, I would like to apologise to all parents/guardians of school age children, teachers and those that work in the Education sector… this post is not for you.

This post is for Uni students and those not bound by the school holidays. Because February is your time.

· It’s the time when accommodation prices drop back down to off-season rates.

· It’s the time when the hordes of children are removed from the beach and herded into the classroom.

· It’s the last month Uni students have before their social life crumbles for the year.

· It’s a great time to travel, because the weather hasn’t turned yet.

For Uni Students, it’s the last road trip before semester starts.

For Workers with no kids, it’s that quick break to recharge.

For our Retired Adventurers, it’s the beginning of a marvellous journey.

So, what should you do on that break? Well below we’ve put together a couple of ideas to inspire you.

Retired Adventurers

Throw sheets over the furniture and lock up the house, because it's time for your trek up North to warmer weather, clear skies and an opportunity to cross off some of that bucket list.

Show retirement who's the boss and live life to its fullest.

Workers with no kids

Enjoy a long weekend with someone you love, be that a friend, partner or relative. A romantic weekend can be for anyone who enjoys the one on one company of someone they care about.

Show someone how much you enjoy their company, by making some amazing memories together.

Uni Students

You probably spent the break grabbing extra shifts at work and trying to cram in as much of a social life as possible, but what did you do that was noteworthy? What did you experience that left you speechless?

If you don't have an answer to that, don't worry, it's not too late to have that now.

Hope you found some February #travelinspo and we look forward to seeing your adventures. Remember to drop in the hashtag #nationwestaviation or #kalbarriscenicflights, so we can see some of your amazing memories!

Safe travels – Nationwest Aviation

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