Private Charter

Champaign Bottle and Glasses

Special Events

Looking for that wow factor for that big event in your life? Whether is be a proposal, honeymoon, wedding anniversary or milestone birthday, make it that extra special by chartering one of our aircraft to add that bit of WOW to your special occasion. 

Why not fly to a private island or have a picnic on top of Wave rock?  



For those keen photographers who are looking to get some amazing aerial shots for their private portfolio, Nationwest Aviation offers "Doors Off" charter flights to allow you to get the best view for your aerial shot.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Regional Area Transport

Being located in a remote area means not having some of the conveniences of larger towns; hairdressers, clothing stores, ect. It's not always convenient to drive to the next largest town that has what you need.  When going to get a haircut or going shopping means a whole weekend gone, chartering an aircraft saves you crucial time so you can spend your weekend doing things you want to do.  Why not get a Group together and get your shopping done in a day?