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Flights From Kalbarri

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Abrolhos Island Discovery Tour

Looking for that bucket list item?  Discover the Abrolhos islands with our Discovery tour. Learn about the history of the islands, snorkel and be guided on a nature walk by your pilot.  This 5.5 hour once in a lifetime experience is the premium Abrolhos experience with passengers spending more time at the islands than any other tour and enjoying a delicious morning tea at Turtle Bay on East Wallabi Island.

Ultimate Discovery Tour

Launching April 1st our Ultimate discovery is the child of our Grand Tour and Abrolhos discovery. Created due to visitors to Kalbarri wanting to "do everything" in a short amount of time, the Ultimate discovery overflies the Kalbarri region (National Park, Pink lake and Abrolhos) while still spending quality time at East Wallabi Island. 

Grand Tour

A spectacular 1 hour 45 minute flight showing the immense scope and diversity of Kalbarri and the region. View the Abrolhos Islands, Pink Lake at Hutt Lagoon, Coastal Cliffs and the Kalbarri National Park.

See more of Kalbarri and it's surrounds in an afternoon, than you could possible see in a week on foot. 

Abrolhos Islands and Batavia Shipwreck

Looking to experience landing at the Abrolhos islands, but short on time. Enjoy a stop over tour of the amazing Abrolhos Islands including the East Wallabi group made famous by the Dutch Batavia shipwreck in 1629. Includes a short stop for afternoon tea on East Wallabi Island, so you can experience landing on the islands while keeping to a tight schedule.

River Gorges & Coastal Cliffs

See the rugged Kalbarri National Park with its amazing river gorges where the river has cut through the sandstone. Much of this wonder is only visible by air, on the return of this 45 minute flight view the Coastal Cliffs. 


This flight is perfect for a birds-eye view of the Kalbarri National Park.

Pink Lake At Hutt Lagoon Flight

Experience a truly unique experience on a 45 minute flight to see the Pink Lake at Hutt Lagoon. This strange spectacle that stands out dramatically from its surrounds, the best vantage point to see this is the air!

Monkey Mia Dolphin Spectacular 

Enjoy a fantastic scenic flight to Denham before transferring to Monkey Mia, where you spend time on the white sandy beach with the friendly, playful dolphins*, and find a variety of wildlife on your Yacht tour. Total tour time is 6 hours, 2 hours flying and 4 hours in Monkey Mia, split between the dolphin feeding and yacht tour.

Don't spend 4.5 hours driving, to get out of the car look around, then drive back. Fly from Kalbarri to Monkey Mia and spend quality time at your destination while getting a spectacular Scenic Flight.

Kalbarri &
Coastal Cliffs

One of the best value Scenic Flights in Western Australia, this 20 minute flight gives you a spectacular taste of the area.  Kalbarri's coastal cliffs are a beautiful and dramatic piece of Western Australia's coastline. 


This flight is perfect for first time flyers and those looking for an amazing experience at a reasonable price.  

Wooleen Station Overnight experience

Fly over the vast outback North West of Kalbarri until you reach the historic Wooleen Station. Pack your overnight bag for an amazing experience in Australia’s golden outback. 

*Dolphin sightings are not guaranteed as they are wild and in their natural environment 

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