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Wooleen Station
Overnight experience

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Tour Overview 

Pack your overnight bag for an amazing experience in Australia’s golden outback.

We take off from Kalbarri and Fly east, crossing over Australia's Coral Coast and Australia's Golden Outback. At times we overfly the extensive Murchison river, which while generally dry, is dotted with water holes along its length.  We overfly Australia's famous grazing country, with its rich red desert appearance, with rocky outcrops and sparse bushland, reminding us of the harsh beauty that is Australia's Golden Outback, before arriving at Wooleen station. 

Founded in 1886 by Mr James Sharpe, the Wooleen station of today carries a lot of the proud history of the Family that first farmed the land.  Currently owed and run by the Pollock Family, who purchased the property back in 1989, the Station is 152,000 hectares of land or 1,520 Squared Kilometres. This is larger than the Faroe Islands at 1,400 Squared Kilometres.  

Once at the station, you have time to unpack in your room, before the evenings activities, including the Guided Sunset Tour run by Wooleen Station.

Tour includes staying in the Wooleen Station Homestead, dinner in the Homestead and Complimentary Mountain bike hire. 

* Sometimes urgent tasks arise on the station and animal welfare must take precedent. Be assured we will do everything we can to try and get you on a Wooleen tour.

** Flight will be confirmed once accommodation can be confirmed.

This Product is Seasonal,
April to October Only


Is from the 1st of April until the 31st of March each year. 

T&Cs apply

Please note: due to some aircraft having a maximum seat weight of 120kgs, tickets available through online booking are capped at a total passenger weight of 120kgs.  If someone in your party is over 119kgs, please call our booking line to discuss booking options.  



  • Fly from Kalbarri to the historic Wooleen station

  • Guided sunset tour

  • Home cooked meal in a working homestead

  • Overnight in Homestead accommodation

  • Pilot commentary

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Perth: 08 9390 0999  

Kalbarri: 08 9937 1130

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