Charter Options

Nationwest Aviation offers charter options for those needing to hire the aircraft and a pilot for a particular need:


Charter services include;


Emergency freight: for example, if you need to get an item from Karratha to Onslow, Nationwest Aviation can pick up the item and fly it down within a couple of hours at a cost effective price.  The same service by road could take all day, potentially costing you in down time and money.  Freights from further away can be done within a day by air, in comparison to several days by road.


Supply trips: living in a remote area that doesn’t have all of the facilities a larger town does nearby, but the larger town is a day’s drive away? Nationwest Aviation charter options can turn a 2/3-day supply run into a day trip.  


Events or occasions:  Looking to do something special for a proposal, significant birthday, anniversary or work event?  Why not charter an aircraft for a unique experience for this special event. 


Chartering an aircraft has many benefits including; 


  • Convenience – Choice a flight plan that goes where you need it to, rather than the set route.

  • Flexibility – depart when you need to and not when the airline says it has to.

  • Time saving – less time spent waiting around at an airport terminal for the pre-set departure time.

  • No minimum numbers – No need to wonder if the flight will be cancelled due to minimum numbers not being met.