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Ultimate Discovery Tour from Geraldton

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Tour Overview 

Launching April 1 2023 is our new Ultimate discovery.
Combining our incredibly popular Abrolhos Discovery with our Chocolate Box of the region Grand Tour, the Ultimate Discovery gives you the adventure of discovering the Abrolhos Islands by landing at East Wallabi Island and the highlights of the Midwest region of Australia's Coral Coast by air! 
Starting with an early morning scenic flight out to the Pelsaert Group of the Abrolhos Islands and onto the Wallabi Group, allows us to take in the full scope of the Abrolhos before landing on East Wallabi Island. After a short stroll to the pure white sand and shallow light blue water of Turtle Beach, we set up camp while you can go out and snorkel the reef walking distance from shore. 

Snorkelling allows you to see a vast array of colourful fish at first hand and view coral of incomparable beauty and diversity. for avid swimmers, why not take advantage of the opportunity to bathe in the clear, calm water, with the beautiful islands as backdrop?

If your not a keen swimmer or snorkeller, or perhaps only go for spa temperature water, hang out with our pilot while they brew some freshly ground plunger coffee and enjoy watching the wildlife of the Abrolhos. When our swimmers come back our food will be ready for people to recharge their energy.  After getting your fill of meats, cheeses, dips, fruit and some sweet treats, our pilot will tell you the story of the Batavia Mutiny. Hear about the sordid story on an island surrounded by the key islands of the story. 

From there you're pilot will guide you on a nature trail, East Wallabi provides the invigorating opportunity to walk across the Island and explore the rich diversity of varying vegetation and see friendly wallabies first hand. A highlight is to visit the Ospreys nest, Ospreys nest on the Abrolhos each year, and can often be seen flying low over the islands.

At the most Eastern point of the island, we look across towards the mainland and explore an area of limestone where a massive build-up of shells has been created by circling gulls. The Abrolhos is a haven of wildlife with everything that unspoiled Nature has to offer. 

We leave Turtle Beach for the short walk back to the aircraft, and after overflying the Abrolhos Island and pointing out the scarred reef where the Batavia wreck came to rest, we head back to the mainland, looking for whales in season. 

When we reached the mainland we will be welcomed by the slights of Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake, a flight over the Pink Lake shows the different hues of pink and sometimes orange.  When exiting the Pink lake we fly up the coast along the Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs to the Murchison River mouth. Then we fly inland inland to the Kalbarri River Gorges. The river has cut through the sandstone, allowing you to view steep rock faces with stunning white, red and purple rock layers as you pass close by. Many of these amazing wonders of Nature are inaccessible, and un-viewable, except by air.

Once we've completed the Kalbarri National Park we return to Geraldton Airport via the inland route.


Is from the 1st of April until the 31st of March each year. 

T&Cs apply

Please note: due to some aircraft having a maximum seat weight of 120kgs, tickets available through online booking are capped at a total passenger weight of 120kgs.  If someone in your party is over 119kgs, please call our booking line to discuss booking options.  


  • Scenic flight from Geraldton to East Wallabi Island returning via Pink Lake and River Gorges

  • Morning tea

  • Snorkel gear

  • Pilot commentary and tour

What to

  • Water 

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses 

  • Sunscreen

  • Camera

  • Swimwear

  • Towel 

Contact Us

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Contact us

Perth: 08 9390 0999  

Kalbarri: 08 9937 1130

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